"My wife and I have owned a caravan at Longlands for over 17 years, and although we have seen many changes, the park feels just the same as it did all those years ago. The park is well maintained and cared for by the staff and we look forward to every visit."
Mr & Mrs Curry
Tue 1st March 2016
We’re Open, the Lakes is Open – Spread the Word!
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Day 1 of the new season is here (already! It only seems a moment since we were closing the parks down), but we’re open and raring to go! Residents are arriving back on the Park full of anticipation for the year ahead. But it wasn’t exactly Spring weather that greeted them; certainly not in the air anyway! The morning begun with a smattering of snow showers across the fells and estuary, leaving a pretty white coating along the Coniston Range.

We don’t mind a bit of snow. As long as we don’t get a repeat of the torrential rains that caused such damage and destruction last year, we will be happy.

Many businesses in and around the South Lakes and wider county will be looking forward to the re-opening of the regions holiday tourism businesses, which help to support the area’s economy.  After the effects of Storm Desmond, managing and attracting tourism to the area will be critical to aid the recovery process, and local businesses and regional tourist boards are eager to correct misconceptions about travel to the affected areas.  The A591 connecting Grasmere and Keswick still remains closed although there is now a public transport link open until the full re-opening in May.

Cumbria Tourism have launched a campaign to reassure potential visitors that the county is back in business and doing what is does best. If the message fails, we stand to lose so many fantastic, unique local businesses, attraction and events that make this lovely part of the world special. We know that it’s these things that attract many of our holiday parks residents to us, as well as the beautiful scenery; so we ask you to help in any way you can – by venturing into the Lakes and visiting all the places you enjoy, eat out where you enjoy eating out, shop where you like to shop – and spread the word! 

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